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(This is a very old post and I’m not sure why my linking to it made it new again. Originally published in march 2005.)

I finally got a new computer, and I have had a chance to go back through some of my comments, and I came across a comment from Starr regarding my father’s reckless irresponsibility regarding the bantam trio.

If you missed the story originally, here it is. I thought it was rather stupid of my dad, but everyone makes mistakes and I had no idea that it would upset anyone. Apparently I was wrong.

This is what Starr has to say about it: How could you just leave show chickens, in fact, how could you just dump any animal off. That isn’t exactly legal you know. Once you take responsibility for a critter, you are obligated to it. I guess it’s lucky they didn’t think you were too much trouble when you were a young toddler…maybe they could have dumped you at the river. You want to be a lawyer, yet you let your own opinions color your decisions. You hate birds. Tough. It is still wrong to dump an animal off. And if you are any kind of lawyer you know it. It’s a big problem, especially in rural areas. I’m an ol’ farmgirl born and raised and wild dog packs and wild cats terrorizing our livestock was common. Where do you think they came from? People dumping off animals. Sure you just dumped chickens, harmless, right? Wrong! Do you know the sort of bacteria and infectious diseases that chickens can transmit or pick up? Look it up sometime. Young kids and old people are likely to wind up hospitalized or even dead from contact with poltry waste. If those birds “made it” to another flock who knows what they could have transmitted to the other birds. True, maybe nothing happened but you fattening up a fox. Hopefully, it doesn’t decided it likes chicken and go raid some farmer’s chicken coop. This may sound like I’m making a mountain outta an anthill. But being a lawyer in training, you would think that you’d “think” before breaking the law. Unless you want to be one of “those kind” of lawyers. Guess if you don’t “like the look” of a client, you’ll just “let it slide” rather than defend him properly. You may want to think about “why” you want to be a lawyer…it may not be for the right reasons. But then this is a blog, these are my opinions to what you write. Freedom of speech and all that. So you may not like what I say, but then you can ignore it and go on your way. But I hope that you will think next time before you just dump something cause you don’t like it or care either way.

(A) A person may not abandon an animal. As used in this section “abandonment” is defined as deserting, forsaking, or intending to give up absolutely an animal without securing another owner or without providing the necessities of life.

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The Responsibility Police are hot on the trail of Laura Krishna. I’m serious, this story left me speechless. On one hand, how could this girl be sooo stupid. Why would you put your academic future in the hands of some idiot that you don’t know at all. Not only put your academic future in their hands, but pay them money for the opportunity to make you look like an idiot. Five pages is not much to write, give me a break, It couldn’t take more than a couple of hours. She would have done a lot better to have simply gotten a zero on the assignment. I’ve never understood the time and energy, not to mention the money and the risk, that some people go to in order to not have to write a simple paper. You just really have to wonder. That being said, I am a little shocked by the trouble the guy went to in order to make sure she got caught. It is sort of funny, but I just wonder where this motivation comes from. I have a moral objection to tattling that nags me, even when I am in a position of authority. I feel very strongly against cheating and plagiarism – and I can’t imagine doing it myself (I’m entirely too paranoid, hard on myself, and compulsively honest, added to the fact that I have an amazing aversion to getting in trouble. I don’t like it, I was always in trouble as a child, being ADHD made me a target and my behavior deserved reprimand I’m sure, but nothing upsets me more than being reprimanded by authority) – but these feelings are coupled with just as strong an aversion to being a snitch. I can control myself, and I don’t want to be the judge or the controller of others. But I don’t feel that bad for people that act really, really, really irresponsible and stupid. Can you hear the sirens? (complements of Pete) See old Comments | See old Trackbacks

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