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Okay, so in case you were wondering, I’m a product of my environment. One of my best friends Jennifer and my brother Travers have been emailing about the masters all day. I found their exchange quite hilarious and thought y’all might enjoy a glimpse into the imagination of the people closest to my heart. (the following story bears no resemblance to reality, thankfully).

To: Travers
From: Jennifer
The Masters

See you at the Masters!!! yay! I’m bringing my new boyfriend Danny. I told him he wasn’t allowed to wear black, and we had to put some bandaids on his tats and take out his piercings before we go. Also, we were going to ride down on his hog, but I didn’t think my parents
would think that was too safe, so we’re taking the greyhound instead. Danny says it’s the best way to travel because of the toilets in the back and all, but he says we should probably sit by the front and get to be friends with the driver in case he wants a job one day. He’s so great at networking.

love – Jennifer

To: Jennifer
From: Travers
Re: The Masters

my girlfriend Dami has me running all over town looking for little plastic baggies(she sells schwag weed out of Mi Casa apartments in Athens). We have been dating for almost 3 weeks now, and we get along great. Her 4 cats get along real well with my 3 cats so we are like one big
happy family. We are actually leaving in the morning to go to Daytona for bike week, We are riding my Harley down to Daytona and her step mom and sister (Charity and Roschelle) are gonna follow us in the trailer. We have 2 motel rooms on the strip right near the liquor
store, so we should be in good shape. We are all really excited because we can finally get some new airbrush shirts. Daytona is the home of the airbrush, and we are going to the airbrush museum either friday or saturday. Ill send you a postcard.

love – Travers

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