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Spring Break 2K5

Hello loves. I have been in Augusta for the last couple of days. Here is a list of things I have done so far during spring break.

1. Took a nap on the front porch swing in 75 degree weather with a warm breeze and a fat pillow.

2. Ate dinner with my favorite old friends, Ivy and Ginny and Robbie in Nalleyland.

3. Drank a beer with Travers and Elizabeth while Bella tried to eat the cheese and grapes off the table.

4. Ran through my neighborhood. I love running the route I used to run in high school, if only because it makes me realize that I haven’t physically deteriorated severely – because the run seems short and easy to me now.

5. Ate lunch on the porch with my parents on Sunday and contemplated how fat wood bees are and how it is a miracle that they are able to fly around (while appreciating the fact that they have no interest in stinging humans).

6. Went to Rhineharts with Mary Beth, Will, Logan, and Chris (everyone who cares – I got the shrimp po boy, and it was the most awesome thing I have eaten in a long time). Rhineharts was followed by a lively game of bowling at Brunswick bowling alley. This was tons and tons of fun. Bowling is always a riot.

7. My mom and I went to dairy queen and I got an oreo blizzard on sunday. If you haven’t had an oreo blizzard in a while, I strongly suggest you go get one right now.

8. I watched a few episodes of law and order and judging amy. Prime time in the day time is exceptional.

9. I spent a good amount of time playing football and basketball with my doggies. I love them.

10. I got to spend some quality time with my bed and my favorite blanket and pillow. It was awesome.

Tonight I am going to make vegetable soup to take the beach and a birthday cake for my favorite friend Jessica. Then I think I might take a hot bath and go to sleep. Tomorrow I am headed for Mexico Beach, Fl. Fires and Kegs, Fires and Kegs.

(oh yeah, bad news about george. We aren’t sure if he is going to make it. Really sad. Really sad. I can’t talk about it right now).

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