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One of the most hilarious people I know has officially joined the blogging world.

Everyone – meet Megan Mattingly (for some reason that link doesn’t seem to be working, let’s try this – www.megan83.blogspot.com). Megan is from Augusta and enjoys picking up guys at cutters and playing on the facebook while maintaining one hell of a wardrobe, GPA, and sparkling white teeth.

She just started today, so there is only one post as of right now, but I have great feelings about this.

So, go see how awesome Megan is, and leave her lots of comments, and add her to your blogroll, and make sure she feels loved and encouraged and sticks with it. I promise y’all will like her, if you don’t you can delete me from your life – or erase me – or whatever they do at lacunae, inc.

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Church makes me feel better about life. I love Sundays @ the Morton. Julie Powell – whom I truly respect and love – tells a wonderful story of how she got involved with The Morton. I also attended St. James for a while, but ended up The Morton because friends of mine from home led music there before Julie took over. Carolyn Moore was an amazing friend to me and the Morton became home. She helped me to grow up in my faith.

Carolyn moved to Augusta to start her own church a couple of years ago and David Moore (no relation) took over. David is such an awesome person, he truly appreciates people for who they are and where they are coming from, and he is willing to meet you where you are, and doesn’t pass judgment on where you ought to be. This is probably the first time since high school – and probably early high school – that I feel really good about the niche I have found in my church. College was hard, and part of the problem was me. But a lot of is that college is hard. The important part is that I’m really happy now – I have some amazing friends of all ages that I have made through the Church, and I feel like I have been given the opportunity to be something of a leader – even though I cringe sometimes at the mistakes I make in that capacity.

All I can say is that God is good.

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