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hello charlsie’s world

Heeeeellllooooooo my dearest Chuckie’s loyal readers. I am Jessica, Chuck has given me posing rights so I will be the occasional guest star here at the thin line…and don’t worry, I too am ridiculously idealistic and e somewhat delusional, so the same sunny attitude will apply.

Right now if I had a bottle containing a genie, my 3 wishes would be…

1. For a small monkey that would run around town and do my bidding, right now I would send him to Chick-fil-A to fetch Charlsie and me some delicious chicken biscuits and soft drinks bigger than our heads, and Charlsie’s would have a spill-proof lid. The reasoning behind this fancy lid is that last night when we made the cab take us to the Roo Miss Paine spilled her 32oz Big Gulp all over the counter while attempting to purchase the poweraidey goodness. This was not an isolated incident…there were also 12oz of cold Miller Light goodness spilled all over Cam at Cutters. tisk, tisk

2. For the fall to hurry up and get here because I cannot wait to (1) find out what happens on the OC (2) hurry football season hurry! I can’t wait any longer! (3) attend my first ever Georgia-Florida (4) see all my fantastical law school friends without the burden of being a first year (5) OK there are too many reasons to name but I really want the fall to get here!

3. That in addition to the monkey’s talents at the wheel and with a credit card, he would also be one heck of an amazing chef and one be downstairs right now whipping up omelets and blueberry pancakes.

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