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I finished my paper. It wasn’t long enough. I don’t think I have ever written a paper that was long enough. Honestly, my whole life is that I have never been able to to make my paper’s long enough. And yet I always have so much to say. I don’t understand.

But it is nice to be finished. But I wish it had been longer.

We went out to sushi last night. Sushi is something I don’t understand. Sake is also something I don’t understand. Most of the time I don’t think I want sushi at all. But I always enjoy it. And every once in a while I think that I might die and/or hurt someone if I can’t have some sushi immediately. But every time I know I am going to a sushi place, I always think about how much I do not want any sake. But every time I sit down at the sushi place, I start to cave. And as soon as I have one piece of sushi I hit my breaking point. I have to have some sake. I don’t even like it. I know I don’t. But I really want it and love it. I enjoy it. It is the strangest thing.

The new sushi place in Augusta is called Takosushi. It is sushi and Mexican food. The sushi chef used to be at Twist in Atlanta, which is one of my favorite restaurants of all times. His name is Sammy and we are big friends. I took a shot of sake with a quail egg in it on Saturday night with Jennifer. I’ve decided to be open to new experiences these days. But eggs aren’t really my thing, so I don’t think that is an experience I am going to do again.

It is so weird to be finished. I start work on Monday. I hope I can be useful. Love y’all.

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