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There is a billboard coming into Augusta on I-20 that says: CLIMBED EVEREST – BLIND, and has a picture of a man sitting on top of a mountain staring out (but I guess he isn’t staring out, because he is blind). Now I don’t want to diminish this guy’s accomplishment, because it is amazing to climb Everest, even with 20/20 vision. But I also know that my reasons for climbing mountains have everything to do with the view from the top and along the way. Sure, it is the accomplishment as well, but mostly it is the exhilaration of the view that gets me past 11,000 feet. It is awesome that this guy doesn’t let his limitations limit him, but it is kind of like, would you pay for an expensive meal if you couldn’t taste anything?

It is amazing when it becomes summer I start to notice all these little imperfections about me that I never notice in the winter, like a patch of dry skin on my shoulder, or the negativity of all the bruises I seem to accumulate, or the state of my cuticle (gah my nailbeds suck!).

aspirin is a miracle worker. Really. Wonderful stuff.

My dogs are clean. This is exciting because they were very dirty. Mama washed them today.

Mary Beth graduated from nursing school today!!!! Congratulations Mary Beth!!!!

Daddy went to Vienna today – he and Dick are biking from Vienna to Budapest – down the Danube. I’m jealous, I miss Europe.

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