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I am sleepy.  The rainy weather makes me tired

I had a great weekend, and I am sunburned and covered in bug bites (I’m just so sweet), but it was worth it. I think everyone had a good time, I had a blast. I love everyone who came a great deal, Gina, Jessica, Sarah, Jamie, Scott, and Christian. I got to see my adorable grandmother, and some other family members, which was really great. Gina and Jessica went to lunch with my grandmother with me, which was really sweet.

I have some thoughts about life, I’m just not sure I can articulate them right now.

I like my job a lot right now, I am starting to enjoy the thinking and stuff. I am learning to be more productive. I have accepted the fact that taking my adderall really helps me a lot and that I have to stop being the crazy person who won’t take their medicine because they think they don’t need it (even though they do). Like my grandfather would say, this is fixable, somethings aren’t.

I still need to go see star wars.  I also need to take a benadryl and go to sleep so my bug bites will stop itching.

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