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Things I’ve learned

You know those people that everyone else says are terrible and that you shouldn’t trust and that they aren’t worth it?

Believe people when they tell you this stuff.

Because it almost always turns out to be true.

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Some thoughts

I love the Kentucky Derby. It makes me happy. I heard this conversation in the bar last night:

Girl 1 – Are you going to study tomorrow?
Girl 2 – God no! I have to watch the derby and drink.
Girl 1 – Oh yeah! My mom called me to make sure I didn’t forget to watch it. Isn’t that ridiculous?
Girl 2 – Hah! That is hilarious! Yes, we must drink tomorrow.

(the girls left the bathroom – and Cristina and I started laughing)

Cristina – I’m sure their geography exam is going to be terrible. It makes me sick to hear them talking about having to study. I’ll tell them about studying.
Me – When they were talking about their mom being ridiculous, I felt like saying – My parents named me after the announcer of the Kentucky Derby – isn’t THAT ridiculous?
Cristina – you should have, I would have started crying laughing.

I have had a bad day. I deserve a julep cup to make myself feel better about it.

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