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Today is Tuesday

I got to go to bankruptcy court today.  Tomorrow I am going to probate court and the federal district court.  Isn’t that fun?

I learned a lot about bankruptcy, or, a lot more than I knew before I went. I found it rather fascinating, in a, gosh I’m a nerd kind of way.

I got some feedback on the memo I wrote last week. Bottom line: I lack organizational skills and people really need to be specific with format if they want it to be at all structured.

Tonight we (and when I say we I mean all the women in the office, the other summer girls, the secretaries, the paralegals, etc.) are going to the office manager’s house which is up on a lake near here. I’m really excited, I love lakes in the foothills and I am pumped about being outside.
Katie (one of the other summer girls- she just finished her first year at mercer) and I went to run yesterday and it was so beautiful and so nice to be outside.

If only I can make my mouth listen to my mind and stop trying to be cute and making smart remarks when I should keep my mouth shut I think I will be fine. Sometimes my desire to be clever and funny takes over and overpowers the reasonable part of my mind that is in charge of keeping me out of trouble.

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