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Exams make me feel bad about myself in a way that very few things make me feel bad about myself. Obviously I have some Excessive Drama Disorder associated with these feelings, but all kidding aside, I completely lack self esteem when it comes to law school exams.

This is because I could study until my fingers and eyes were bleeding for one class – and do terrible, while in the same breath I could play around all semester and not try – and make a decent grade. There have been a precious few instances where my grade has reflected my effort, one way or the other – and this intensely frustrates me. In addition to the fact that although I have received grades that I probably didn’t deserve sometimes – it is much more often the case that grades make me feel bad. I’m not concerned with my grades, that isn’t the point, the point is that taking the exams make me feel bad about myself and my grades don’t help.

Regardless of what grade I get, taking the actual exam makes me feel stupid.

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